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NMS – one of the leading content providers

NMS was established back in 2005 by a group of young, but already experienced professionals. Having just great ideas and eager to be successful as start capital, we have reached even more than could expect.

Cooperating with twenty mobile operators of the world, we are providing both to the private and public sector with wide range of creative solutions.


Our concept

Understanding that only targeted development can guarantee sustainability of our success, we have identified several strategic development areas:

  • We are looking forward to expand in other developing countries and economies in transition
  • We are working hardly on our technical know-how
  • Expansion is an important task for the company's structure
  • MobGatePay makes investments in its human resources and its structural development (financial and legal issues)

Our Offers

  • General services +

    Distribution of content, micropayments, mobile applications, television and radio services and other Read More
  • To our partners +

    We assure the best environment for our partners to cooperate with us Read More
  • Technical capabilities +

    Technologies and transports, on which we provide our services Read More
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