Technical capabilities

  • WEB Internet services / subscription

    Showcases of services and content in WWW-space, including the official OSS WEB portals.

  • WAP Internet services/subscriptions

    Creating and maintaining the official OSS WAP-portals (or their sections), including per click charging that gives the opportunity to realize more flexible scheme of sales of various kinds of content and services in WAP-space.

  • WAP - click

    The most simple, fast and convenient way to monetize mobile traffic. In contrast to MT-subscription subscriber doesn’t have to enter his/her phone number, which significantly simplifies the process of subscriptions and positively effects on the income. Once the subscriber enters the service from his/her mobile phone and click on the link for getting content, it redirects to the payment page of the operator, where he/she should only click "OK" button to subscribe to the service.

  • MT subscription

    Monetization method without outgoing SMS message from subcriber. The service “Subscription” simplifies the fulfillment of regular payments implemented by mobile phone. Users can "Subscribe" to the pay of service via their mobile phone, and then fee for the entire period of the "Subscription" will be withdrawed from the balance of user.

    "Subscription" is a universal solution for services where it necessary to carry out regular payments on a regular basis. The service finds its main application on the services, where it is necessary to provide online access for a limited period, the periodic provision of content, information, etc.

    Billing and frequency of charging may be seted depending on the characteristics of a particular service: daily, weekly, monthly, and any intermediate time intervals.

  • MO subscription

    You send to user an SMS with the text: "Send response to the SMS any text to extend the access to the site." The user responds to your SMS – you are charged as for money Premium SMS.